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Is it possible to cover stocks the same day/hour I short them ...
Is it possible to cover stocks the same day I short them? For example I short stock X at 12:01 PM and I buy to cover the short 30 minutes later at .

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  • Scottrade
    Day trading is buying and selling or selling short and buying to cover the same security on the same day (including pre- and post-market) in a margin account .

  • Buy to Cover - Financial Dictionary - The Free Dictionary
    To buy a security one has previously sold short in order to close a position. In order to make a profit on a short cover, one must buy the security at a price lower .

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  • Buy to Cover Stop Order
    A Buy to Cover Stop Order is very similar to a Buy Stop Order, the only difference being this type of order is used to exit a Short position rather than enter a Long .

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  • Buy To Cover Definition | Investopedia
    A short sale involves selling shares of a company that one does not own, . This order, by buying an equal number of shares as were borrowed, "covers" the sale .

  • Short (finance) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Additionally, a broker may be required to cover a short seller's position at any time ("buy in"). The short seller receives a warning from the broker that he is " failing .

  • Fool.com: Fool FAQ - Shorting Stocks
    He must buy those shares back (cover) at some point in time and return them to the lender. Thus, if you sell short 1000 shares of Gardner's Gondolas at $20 a .

  • Sell short - E*TRADE FINANCIAL - Home
    To open a short position, you enter a sell-short order; to close it, you enter a buy- to-cover (not a .

  • Intro to Stock Trading - Selling Short and Buy to Cover Orders
    Selling short can lead to unlimited losses and subject you to margin calls. Discover more reasons selling short is generally not recommended for the average .

  • Short Selling: A Trader' s Guide - TradeKing
    You can close the short position at any time when buying back the shares. This is called “buying to cover.” If the price has dropped during the borrowing period, .

  • Topic:Schwab
    In addition, the trade history data usually does not report when a buy is a "buy to cover" a short sale so this can make matching difficult also. Schwab does use .

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  • Buy to Cover Limit Order
    A Buy to Cover Limit Order is an order used to attempt to cover (close) a currently open short position at a price that is lower than the current market price.

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  • Stop & Stop Limit Orders for Beginners - Scottrade
    Keep in mind, each transaction (selling short and then buying to cover) will cost a commission of $7, so that should be factored into the investor's breakeven .

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  • Stock Trading: What is the difference between "buy" and "buy to ...
    To "buy to cover" is to close out a short position in a stock. It is a secondary transaction that can only be done if a "sell short" transaction preceded it. To sell a .

  • Performance and Transactions - Google Finance Help
    Type: One of "Buy", "Sell", "Sell Short", "Buy to Cover", "Deposit cash", "Withdraw cash", "Dividend", or "Split". Dividends and splits are computed automatically .

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  • Buy-to-Cover - Financial Dictionary - The Free Dictionary
    To buy a security one has previously sold short in order to close a position. In order to make a profit on a short cover, one must buy the security at a price lower .

  • buy to cover - E*Trade
    Definitions by InvestorWords.com. What is...? buy to cover. A transaction where you buy back shares you've previously sold short.

  • Selling Short | Margin Stock Trading
    When the stock price decreases to a satisfactory level, investors cover the short position by buying the shares back (also called "buy to cover"). Their profit is the .

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  • Division of Market Regulation - Securities and Exchange Commission
    Apr 10, 2012 . Answer: A locate for a security may be re-applied for an intra-day buy-to-cover trade in the following scenario: Prior to a customer's short sale of .

  • Shorting Stocks | Learn How to Short Stocks
    Short sellers slow the rapid decline of a stock by buying to cover on the way down. If the short sellers were not involved in the stock, it could plummet! Also, short .

  • Short Covering Definition | Investopedia
    This is done by buying the same type and number of securities that were sold short. Most often, traders cover their shorts whenever they speculate that the .

  • What does it mean to buy to cover a stock
    If you are buying to cover a stock, it means that you have sold short the stock ( borrowed the stock and then sold it in the expectation of the stock price dropping) .

  • Short Position - Financial Glossary
    A short position can be closed out through the purchase of an equivalent amount of securities. Buying to cover a short position is known as short covering.

  • Setting Stop Limit Loss - Your Trading Safety Net
    If you've sold short, you can place a stop order to buy to cover if the stock rises to a specified price. Stop limit loss is not complicated to use, and they are an .