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Now kids can invest in real stock in real companies – without investing thousands of dollars.At 401Kidz, children and their parents can buy fractional shares of .

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  • A Kid's Guide to Stock Market Investing (Robbie Readers) (Money ...
    A Kid's Guide to Stock Market Investing (Robbie Readers) (Money Matters: A, +, Growing Money: A Complete Investing Guide for Kids, +, The Motley Fool .

  • Investing for Kids & Teens
    Investing for Kids. A site designed for kids, by kids. Teaches the basics of investing and has a simulated stock game. Free Investing for Beginners Newsletter!

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  • How to Invest in Stocks for Children | eHow.com
    How to Invest in Stocks for Children. The time to buy stocks for your children is now. As soon as a baby is born, you can start investing. While many parents .

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  • Stock Investing for Children | eHow.com
    Stock Investing for Children. Investing in the stock market is not child's play, but that doesn't mean a kid can't do it. Legendary investor Warren Buffett was only .

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  • Investing for Kids
    This Web site is designed by kids for kids. It examines stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the like. It teaches the principles of saving and investing. It also includes a .

  • Investing in the Stock Market with Your Child | Parenting | Disney ...
    Teaching Your Child About Stock Market Investments.

  • How To Teach Your Child About Investing
    Feb 29, 2012 . When your child is older, you can provide a more in-depth explanation of stocks and other investments. Eventually, you want to let your children .

  • Cramer: 10 Stocks to Buy Your Kids In 2012 - CNBC
    Dec 12, 2011 . If you want to educate your children about money and investing, these stocks are just what you're looking for.By Drew Sandholm and Tom .

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  • More Kids Investing In Stocks - ABC News
    Forget baseball cards. These days, kids are trading stock shares and comparing portfolios. In increasing numbers, children are jumping on a roller coaster ride .

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  • Video: How Can Kids Invest in Stocks? | eHow.com
    How Can Kids Invest in Stocks?. Part of the series: Investment Facts . Kids can invest in stocks by opening an account with the child and acquiring stocks in .

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  • Best investments for college savings
    With college tuition rising faster than inflation, stocks are the best investment to help your education-savings portfolio keep pace long-term. As your child nears .

  • Buying Stocks for Kids
    Oct 14, 2004 . Each of my three lovely children has a few hundred dollars, with which I would like to buy a few shares of stock to use as an investment and a .

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  • Should Kids Invest in the Stock Market
    Aug 31, 2012 . During one of my math classes in middle school the teacher talked about the power of compound interest and asked if any of the students had .

  • How to Give Children the Gift of Investing - WSJ.com
    Nov 28, 2010 . If a child already owns some stock, use the bonds to start a lesson in the virtues of diversifying a budding investment portfolio and comparing .

  • Starter Portfolio for Kids - Direct Investing
    Investing for Kids Menu. Home - Stock Investing For Kids DRIP by DRIP . This starter portfolio is made up of stocks that have direct investment plans (DRIPs).

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  • BUYandHOLD - Kids & Investing
    You can get rich buying stocks. You can stay rich buying bonds. It's as simple as that. If you want to grow your kid's investment over time, stocks may be the only .